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Frequently Asked Questions


How do i easely drive to one of your car parks?
There are various approach routes to our parking garages. There are electronic signposts along the approach roads to the center of Leeuwarden. These signs also contain up-to-date information about the available parking spaces. Via Google Maps you can easily find the route to one of our parking garages.
The signs say 'VOL' at the garage of my choice. Can I still go there?
When the signaling signs (you see them along various access roads and at the parking garages) indicate that a parking garage is FULL, this does not mean that there is no space. Vehicles regularly leave the garages to free up space. 'FULL' means that it takes longer before you can use the garage.
How far are the parking garages from the center?
P-Zaailand and P-Oldehove are located in the city center of Leeuwarden. The Hoeksterend, Oosterstraat and Klanderij car parks are located on the edge of the centre.
Can I reserve a parking space?
No, unfortunately this is not possible.
Is my car safe in the garages?
With camera surveillance we do our best to prevent anything from happening to your car. However, we cannot give any guarantees. You therefore always park at your own risk. We advise not to leave any valuables visible in your car.
With which payment methods can I pay?
You can pay with a debit card and credit card at the payment terminals in our parking garages. There is at least 1 payment terminal in every garage where you can pay with cash.
Can I park my bicycle in the parking garage?
No, this is not possible. For this we would like to refer you to our bicycle parking on Wilhelminaplein or Sint Jacobsstraat.
License plate recognition

All our garages are equipped with license plate recognition. This means that your car's license plate number is scanned when entering and printed on your parking ticket. Have you paid your parking ticket? Then your license plate will be scanned again by the camera at the exit terminal. The barrier will then open automatically for you.

Are you a subscriber or do you use Mobile Parking and have you activated license plate registration? Then, after scanning the license plate, the barrier will automatically open for you when you drive in and out.

Sometimes it happens that the license plate recognition does not work. This may be due to a system malfunction or an illegible license plate, for example. Therefore always keep your parking ticket, season ticket or other passes/tokens at hand.

What is the maximum entry height in the garages?
  • You can enter P-Oldehove and P-Oosterstraat with a vehicle with a maximum height of 2.20 metres.
  • The P-Hoeksterend and P-Zaailand are accessible for vehicles with a height of up to 2.10 metres.
  • P-Klanderij is suitable for vehicles with a height of up to 2 metres.
Are the car parks accessible to motorcycles?
No. You cannot park a motorcycle in our parking garages. The induction loops in the road surface of the garages do not recognize the mass of a motorcycle. This means that a barrier does not open or closes too early. This poses security risks. Incidentally, there are plenty of places in the city center to park your motorcycle.
The garage is closed but I want to pick up my car, what now?

You can always exit in all our parking garages if you have a valid parking card. At the pedestrian entrance of our parking garages you will find a card reader for your parking card and subscription card. Hold your parking ticket with the barcode about 10 cm in front of the red glass and the access door will open. Are you a season ticket holder or do you use city parking? Then hold your card in front of the eP logo and/or the info logo. Is this not working or do you have questions? Then press the Information button on the card reader.

Important : always take your parking card, Mobile Parking card or subscription card with you to gain access to the parking garage after closing time.

I left my parking ticket in the car, how do I get in?
At the entrance door, press the Information button (you will find it near the door reader).
I have lost my parking ticket, what now?
Report to the administrator's office. Is this not available? Please ring the bell or use the intercom button at the office.
I have problems with the payment terminal?
Press the information button on the payment terminal and you will be connected to an employee.
I have paid but the barrier does not open?
Press the information button on the exit terminal and you will be connected to an employee.
In which garage can I park best?
Leeuwarden has a compact city center. You will find our five parking garages all within walking distance of the center and the facilities.
Can I use mobile parking in your garages?
Yes, that's possible. P-Hoeksterend, P-Klanderij, P-Oldehove, P-Oosterstraat and P-Zaailand are affiliated with Stadsparkeren and Parkmobile and equipped with license plate recognition. This means that your license plate is automatically read when entering and exiting. Is the license plate recognition not working (license plate dirty or damaged)? Then present your Stadsparkerenpas or Parkmobile Token at the entry and exit terminal.

Customer service

Has your question not been answered yet?

Then please contact our customer service. We are happy to help you.

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