Parking Garage de Klanderij



Parking Garage Klanderij, Posthoornsteeg 40, 8911 AT Leeuwarden. Maximum vehicle height 2,00m

klokOpening Hours:

  • Monday through Saturday 07.00 until 19.00.
  • Evenings with extended shopping hours open till 24.00.
  • Last Sunday of the month from10.00 until 18.00.
  • Closed remaining Sundays and Holidays.
Gaining access to garage and departing after hours is always possible with a valid parking ticket.


Dagtarief van 06.00 uur tot 19.00 uur, avondtarief vanaf 19.00 uur - 06.00 uur.
Day Rate from 06.00 until 19.00. Evening rate from 19.00 until 06.00. The rates are calculated in steps of €0,10 - Click here for a complete rate overview.

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General Information

In March 2011, the completely renovated Zaailand garage was reopened. This garage, along with the Oldehove garage, is amongst the most highly recommended parking accommodations in the Netherlands.

Both garages are spacious, well lit and decorated in user friendly colours.

For additional information concerning Parkeer Garages Leeuwarden please phone 058-2128005.